Some of the DJs with the help of their colleagues have produced profiles I hope you enjoy the read.

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From my early teens there was only one way things could go and that was a radio or TV station of some sort, as I used to repair radios and TVs in the science lab at school ….. more

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I first played with radio in 1980 with Rodger Dee when we were on Radio Caroline International, broadcasting to our local chippy. I even made my only MW transmitter back them. I miss those days…..more



I've always been a fan of progressive and melodic rock. In fact at school I was part of a small clique of Yes and ELP fans, and we all had to put up with a lot of ridicule from the rest of our year…..more


Kelley broadcasts from Philadelphia in America

Paul A

Well you all have the late great Eric Haydock (Rick Dane) to blame for my involvement in free radio.  Although I never met the man it was listening to his voice on the radio…..more


I started in radio around 1968/1969 when I joined Station 252, when I met Bert Williams. From then I have been a DJ on all the stations the Bert has been involved with…..more

I first got interested in radio back the mid-seventies when my uncle gave me a battered old transistor radio, I was about 10 years old at the time…..more

I got my first transistor radio in 1973, a Vesta LW/MW thing from Woolworths in Birkenhead, for the princely sum of £2.99 - majorly expensive when you're 8!!...more


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Guest DJs on MAR

I started my long interest in pirate radio in around 1976 (pre-pizza days), as a young child aged around 9 years…..more

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No longer on air :((

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the DIAL was on 266AM, and there was this guy on, fighting with a dog and talking about his experiences with life, and it turns out it was good old Bert Williams…..more

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"Hey y'all!"

That's how I usually open a show. See, I'm from the states, not the UK, and I don't try to hide it MAR's very own hippie gypsy pirate chick…..

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Well I started my radio career way back when. I was still in school, and a teacher took me to see my local hospital radio station, WHBS, in Weston Super Mare. I got hooked…..more

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But wait just a minute before you judge me I would ask you just one small favour. Turn on your radio. Yes, I'm serious…..more

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